Mary Ellen & Ed's Wedding 3.21.15

I had the pleasure last weekend to shoot this wedding. What made it even more memorable is the Bride was my neighbor for most of my life. I grew up with her and her brother (He have her away), so it was like a Lake Ave reunion! Everything took place in the Rockaways. I have never shot there before and it was a great experience. I am getting a lot of people loving what I have been posting on FB, so I know they'll be happy campers with the rest of the images! Congratulations Mary Ellen & Ed!


We are now also offering video as part of our services. I started out in video, became an editor and than a photographer. In the last few months people have shown an interest in video again, so I updated my gear and I am ready to shoot! All high quality HD equipment in case you were wondering ;)

Fitness shoot success!

The shoot went great. Thomas & Caleb were like machines going from exercise to exercise. In about 2 hrs+ of hardcore lifting and shooting the shoot was in the can. Utilizing a 3 point lighting scheme, I was able to capture some great dramatic shots. Also, knowing my way around the gym made it that much easier and fun! I wish Thomas luck with his calendar and look forward to seeing the final product & more shoot in the future!

Fitness, iron and the city

This weekend I am headed to the city to shoot a fitness session for a calendar. Which means 12 different set-ups. I am excited to see the different looks we are going to achieve.  Thomas is psyched as am I, being a person who hits the iron also. Photo's will follow!

It's alive!

Welcome to the new site for Lance J. Reha Photography! I am excited to  have this website and hope you all will enjoy my photography and maybe we'll work together soon!